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Fell Off The Deep End

by Neaux

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"Fell Off The Deep End" is the debut release by Neaux, the songwriting partnership of Sierra Kay (VersaEmerge) and Nick Fit (Loss Leader, Trash Talk).

An alt-rock band rich in atmosphere and songcraft, Neaux formed by coincidence and fate. Their partnership began when Kay and Fit’s previous groups appeared at the same Warped Tour festival, meeting shortly before Fit was kicked off the tour. Years later Kay wanted to start a new project, and after reconnecting with Fit, a new musical and personal bond formed quickly. The band describes themselves as "old friends making new noise," but what a potent noise – these are songs that give a nod to shoegaze, Sonic Youth, and Bl’ast in equal measure.

The members cut their teeth in diverse genres – experimental, synth pop, straight-edge hardcore – but "Fell Off The Deep End" is a rewarding collision of worlds. This engaging 8-song release establishes Neaux as a band to look out for in 2016.


released February 17, 2017

Produced by Nick Fit and Sierra Kay
Music and instruments by Nick Fit and Sierra Kay
Recorded and engineered at the Walnut Room Recordings by Tyler Pursel.



all rights reserved



Nick Fit.
Sierra Kay.


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Track Name: Slowstroll
Slow stroll
aimlessly through boroughs
slow stroll
empty handed, i think i like this
they say we should never meet again
we’re in ruins… it’s ruined.
slow stroll
follow black widows
empty foxholes
they taught me to kill you after love goes
Track Name: Somewhere Up North
Why did i move back north?
soaking in the last bits of warmth
spending all my money on booze i can’t afford
feel the city in my knees
stomping this old cold concrete
guess thats what i need
‘cause I’m finally far away from you
gotta follow through
don’t know what to do when I’m far away from you...
i’m drinking to forget
hammering you out my head
don’t care where I’m going
as long as its far, far away from you
i gotta follow through
don’t know what to do
when I’m far away from you…
Track Name: Only Lonely
Where do you go when you’re alone?
‘cause i need to know
I’m lonely too... only for you
I’m only lonely for you
I know our love is true
we just don’t know what to do
and I know our love is true
but baby, we’re doomed...
...and i know our love is true
we just don’t know what to do
and I know our love is true
but baby it's just me and you
well maybe it's just me and you
well baby, it’s not me, it’s you
Track Name: Make Me Stay
You say I don’t have the right to be heart broken
‘cause I’m the one who’s always leaving
maybe you’re right but I’m still broken
‘cause no one seems to fulfill me….
Fade away
I’ll fade away
why do I leave so quickly…
can’t I stay, make me stay
All these feelings they’re real to me
saw the shadows but I dove in deep
followed the light, surfaced to you
but gone by the night like I always do.
Track Name: Beaten Bruised and Over It
Do you like the way it hurts?
you’re bad but I’ve been worse
it's a heavy competition
We’re both losing in the end
I’m hanging up my gloves
I’m tired, this game sucks
too beaten and too bruised
to keep calling this love
we’re both losing in the end
do you like the way it hurts?
we’re fucking losers
Track Name: Deep Dive
You swear you’re deeper than you seem
baby, i hear you fumble with your words
but I know what you mean
I crave to get away
to see the world from peaks and streams
gotta beg you to come with me…
I try to be kind
but you have confidence in religion
yet you seem to stand for nothing at all
I don’t mean to be above you
just know I still love you
just wish you would change…
my nights are reckless,
you’re in bed with breakfast
working till 4am
sleeping it off and do it again
you'll just do it again…
I have my fathers drinking habits
you have your mother's blind sentiment
I know you’re a simple man
but I’m a curious woman…